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Work Under Revision
  • Dispersion in options investors' expectations and stock return predictability. with A. Kagkadis, P. Maio and D. Philip. Revise and resubmit [view on ssrn]

  • The impact of managerial ability on crisis period corporate investment with Daphna Ehrlich I. Karasamani and C. Louca. Revise and resubmit [view on ssrn]

  • CEO duality, agency costs and internal capital allocations with N. Aktas, I. Karasamani and D. Philip. Revise and resubmit [view on ssrn]

Work Under Submission
  • Dispersion in expectations and the cross section of expected returns with A. Kagkadis, D. Philip and R. Tuneshev. [view on ssrn]

  • Managerial overconfidence and the buyback anomaly with I. Cooper, G. Lopez and C. Louca. [pdf file]

  • CEO overconfidence and the valuation effects of corporate diversification & refocusing decisions with J. Doukas, D. Koursaros and C. Louca. [view on ssrn]

  • Bank opaqueness and intermediation with D. Koursaros, P. Robejsek and D. Philip. [view on ssrn]

Work In Progesss
  • Firms’ market culture: the role of institutional ownership, earnings management and crash risk with F. Fiordelisi, D. Philip and T. Harry. [view on ssrn]

  • Financial knowledge among university students and implications for personal debt and fraudulent investments with Dennis Philip. [pdf file]

Permanent Working Papers (work done during MSc studies)
  • Affirming the market efficiency of the Athens Derivatives Exchange via traditional static arbitrage tests. with Andreou, P.C., Pierides, Y., 2004. [pdf file]

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